Ten years of making an entrance by floating from the rafters to the stage in a giant bubble as Glinda, the good witch in Broadway’s Wicked, has given Tiffany Hass a unique perspective.  “Each performance, as I waited for the bubble to begin to descend, I’d look down at the other actors, the crew and the audience. It was amazing and humbling. It’s a gift to do what you love. As an actor, I’m a vessel to tell a story to the audience. Each person is integral to the success of the performance; I knew I couldn’t be successful without everybody else. Actors get used to standing ovations. But it’s about the entire show,” Tiffany explains.

These days Tiffany has a more diverse view. She travels around the country most weekends performing or teaching master classes at colleges, conservatories, performing art schools and summer intensives.  She is equally as enthusiastic about both occupations. “Performing and teaching go hand in hand. I love working with young people and it fuels my passion to nurture their talents and dreams. Performing teaches important life skills including perseverance and how hard work can pay off,” she says. “I am able to share my perspective as someone who is in the midst of my acting carrier. I love helping a young actor understand what it is like when they walk into an audition and inspiring them to put their best foot forward.”

This past September Tiffany was in Steamboat to take part in a music immersion workshop for Steamboat Springs High School music students. Olivia Hobson, a Steamboat High senior, had the opportunity to participate in the workshop. “Tiffany was always smiling and so positive. She raised the energy of the entire group. She was eager to help us and very intuitive in her critiques giving each of us tricks and tips to improve our performances,” Olivia reports.

Tiffany continues to love performing as well.  “My time on Broadway was wonderful, but I needed change to keep on growing. When we stop being challenged, we stop growing, Tiffany explains. “I love working with the Steamboat Symphony Orchestra and Ernest Richardson. Ernest is a gifted musician, conductor, composer and arranger and he can truly challenge me. “We have a dear friendship and a very special working relationship. He understands my voice, which can be good and bad.  He always gives me beautiful music, but he manages to find numbers that push me as well.”

Finding Christmas, the upcoming Steamboat Symphony concert, in which Tiffany will perform on November 29 & 30, is symbolic to her as the start of the holiday season. “Christmas is incredibly important to me, I’m a family person, and now that I’m not on Broadway, I can actually be with my family during the holidays!”

To purchase tickets or to find out more about the Steamboat Symphony Orchestra go to www.steamboatorchestra.org.  Learn more about Tiffany Haas at www.tiffanyhaas.com