#HikeWigwam – The Great Continental Divide Trail Experience

Thru Hiking is the ultimate backpacking experience. Backpackers hike the complete length of the Continental Divide Trail, braving all elements, while meeting others and building community along the way. It is one of the most "significant trail systems in the world. It...

Tiffany Haas on Change and Perspective

Ten years of making an entrance by floating from the rafters to the stage in a giant bubble as Glinda, the good witch in Broadway’s Wicked, has given Tiffany Hass a unique perspective.  “Each performance, as I waited for the bubble to begin to descend, I’d look down...

Mission 91.5% Complete

This blog entry was written a few years ago, before the Dewey Bridge burned and before I had a blog on which to post. Paige Boucher When Mountain Hardwear announced the Mission Project challenge, it was my job to give it a PR spin. So I challenged my media friends and...

In Memory of Inge Perkins

No words begin to express the ache in our hearts, the fire in our brains and the stillness in our guts following the loss of our dear friend, Inge Perkins and her loving life-partner Hayden Kennedy, last weekend to an avalanche and tragic aftermath that would make...

Taking a Stand for OUR Public Lands

Photo Credit: Kristin Murphy, Deseret News Inside/Out Communications, Paige Boucher and Erin Brosterhous, were captured in Utah’s Deseret News Thursday, July 27, 2017.  Boucher and Brosterhous marched along with 3,000 other outdoor enthusiasts from the Outdoor...

The Simple Life (From Mountain Town to Beach Town)

For our anniversary date last fall, we stepped it up a notch from our usual mountain attire and set out to enjoy a nice dinner and a couple of sidecars (my favorite cocktail) at a local restaurant. We ended up evaluating our life together and our overall happiness. It...

Alex Honnold Alex Honnold’s historic free solo of El Capitan

In an unbelievable feat, Alex becomes the first person to climb the 3000+ ft wall without ropes. #neverstopexploring https://www.thenorthface.com/about-us/athletes/alex-honnold.html?cm_sp=S17HPeSpot1A0605-_-athleteDM-_-alexhonnold&banner=S170605.alexhonnold.HPespot.1A...

LT Tests and Tabatas for All. (Even Middle-aged Moms.)

Recently, my husband said he had a surprise for me.  My mind was spinning with all the possibilities and you guessed it….It was a couple’s Lactic Threshold test!  A two-for-one. So sporty, so romantic.  So last Sunday morning, there I was preparing for my first LT...

The Beach Beyond The Resort

“How did I get here and where did this extra five pounds come from?” I am thinking as I walked past the palm frond umbrellas along the windy morning beach of our south of Cancun all-inclusive resort. It is the last day of Spring Break with ten 18-year-olds who are...


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