New Normal Consulting / “We are anything BUT normal…”

As a company, it is our mission is to educate, inspire, motivate and guide passion-drive businesses, while promoting and supporting community service, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility through key partnerships. We are dedicated to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes succeed. We have a singular passion for specialty business: Not as an MBA case study or as a passing curiosity. We believe in: Leading from the front; Challenging the status quo; Respecting our heritage; Seeing change as opportunity; Focusing on ‘why not’ instead of why; Being solution biased, complaint averse; Building relationships not likes. Our founding partner team — Michael Hodgson, Brad Werntz, and Geoff O’Keeffe — has just over a century of collective experience working as leaders in the specialty outdoor trade. That experience ranges wide, and includes retail, e-commerce, operational and supply chain upgrades, events planning and management, publications, content creation, sales management, leadership training, executive coaching, strategic planning, start-ups, turn-arounds and more.


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