No words begin to express the ache in our hearts, the fire in our brains and the stillness in our guts following the loss of our dear friend, Inge Perkins and her loving life-partner Hayden Kennedy, last weekend to an avalanche and tragic aftermath that would make Shakespeare shudder.

We’ve chosen to take a few days of silence before attempting to express our grief to our extended MR family. Yes, Inge was an MR Ambassador, one we were glowingly proud to associate ourselves with for so many reasons. For some of us, Inge was our little sister… a true family member. She was a blithe, angelic badass whose myriad talents bedazzled us from early in her childhood. We’ve watched her grow up in our town, quietly, calmly, humbly blowing the doors off any objective upon which she’s ever set her sights. On rock, on snow, in the mountains, in the gym, with family, friends, and community – she has taught us – by example – that we can all be better. And, we needn’t post about it or boast about it. Inge was and will always be the embodiment of the expression, “actions speak louder than words.”

There have been many stories written about the tragic avalanche and related details that took Inge’s life. Please know Inge was as calculated and precise as anyone we have ever met. And, yet – like all of us – Inge was human. The most beautiful human – inside and out… north, south, east, west… you could ever have the pleasure of knowing and adventuring with.

Here at MYSTERY RANCH, it’s a dark day. However, because of our love, admiration, friendship, and inspiration from Inge Perkins… we will each try to find our way back to the light. So, light a candle, say a prayer, take a road trip, sleep in your truck, write a postcard to a friend, be a giver, not a taker… be a better person for the rest of your days. That’s what we can do to honor Inge.

Our good friend Kelsey put together a story about Inge and HK, please read here:

And, to hear from Inge directly about her love for life and climbing, read and watch here:

Inge, she also believed in sharing her knowledge and passion for climbing through TOUCH THE SKY, and we will continue to support them on Inge’s behalf.

By: Mike Harrelson