Thru Hiking is the ultimate backpacking experience. Backpackers hike the complete length of the Continental Divide Trail, braving all elements, while meeting others and building community along the way. It is one of the most “significant trail systems in the world. It stretches 3,100 miles along the spine of the Great Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico and provides access to some of the most wild and scenic places left in the world while promoting conservation of the environment and physical health and well being.”

Along the way, hikers can access “Gateway Communities,” which are towns that recognize the “the unique economic and cultural value that the CDT brings.” Our PR and marketing team is located in one of these Gateway Communities – Steamboat Springs.

Inspired by these travelers, our team decided to support these thru hikers as they pass through town.  How so? Wigwam socks! What’s better than a warm, comfortable pair of socks to protect your feet through treacherous and demanding conditions?

The team donates a pair of socks to each hiker that passes through, and we get to learn a little bit about their adventures. Follow our thru hikers’ journeys as they stop by for a break and a fresh pair of socks!